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About this website

This website gives details of the Leyland Nationals delivered new to National Welsh Omnibus Services Ltd, and its predecessor companies Western Welsh, Red & White and Jones Omnibus Services Ltd, Aberbeeg.

Leyland Nationals acquired secondhand

These have not been included in this survey (principally because they were purchased in the period 1980 - 1982, by which time I had left South Wales!)

May 2009 update

I am grateful to Richard Waters for additional details of depot allocations, which I have started to add to the vehicle data table. Richard has also created a website on Gloucestershire Buses, which includes a detailed history of Red & White.

As photos are a major component of this site, I have changed the width settings to pixel values to ensure a more consistent appearance. It is recommended that the site is viewed in a browser such as Safari, Firefox or Opera, as these all offer a facility to vary the size of the displayed area, despite the fixed width setting. These browsers are available as free downloads for Windows and Mac systems - just click on the names for more details. A similar facility to vary the size of the display is also provided in Internet Explorer 8.

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